Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Since MBC was started in 1968, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been committed and sent to the mission field. Currently, our Pastor is the Director of the annual Northern Michigan Round-Robin Missions Conference held during the month of September. This conference includes at least ten participating churches, of which each church will host visiting missionaries over a one-week period (the conference is two-weeks long and broken up by week to allow missionary’s to visit each church). The following picture includes guest missionaries Jerry & Denise Smith from our 2017 conference and Sue & Pastor McCarthy. The picture was taken with the Grand Traverse East Bay in view behind us.





Our current missionaries are:


Jerry and Barbara Alford –Venezuela

Tony and Joy Anzalone – Ecuador

Johnathan Bach - Alaska 

Sarah Bodaly - Moldova

Brad and Holly Dalton - Michigan

Kevin and Kim Davis - Wales
Andrew and Jennifer Day – Ireland

Stephen and Kelly Doolittle - Brazil

Pam Drout - Peru

Paul and Barbara Frizzell – Bolivia  
Jason and Amanda Hamby – Canada

Chris and Ket Jarve - Thailand

William and Samantha Jeffcoat – MAPS

Mark and Joanne Landon – Scotland

Chris and Rebekah Lowe - Canada

Jeremy and Ling Meir Undisclosed

Jon and Elizabeth Schrock - Washington

Wayne and Kerri Seavolt – Canada

Jeff and Kim Smith - Canada

Nathanael and Linette Steinbart - Africa

Kevin and Joann Trout - Philippines

Mike and Mary Wallace - Mexico

Jamie and Kimberly Wiedmann - United Kingdom

Jim and Myra Wright – Furlough Replacement


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